Platinum Auto Spa   1075 Johnson Ferry Rd  Marietta,GA30068   (678) 560-6060
Platinum Auto Spa
1075 Johnson Ferry Rd
MariettaGA 30068
 (678) 560-6060

Reviews Of Platinum Auto Spa

4.85 79 Reviews
Amanda Ryan
May 14, 2018

This has been my one and only car wash spot since I moved to GA in 2012. But today was an exceptional experience! It was very HOT 90+ degrees and I felt so bad for the detailers outside! The girl who vacuumed and wiped down my car was so awesome! She did such an amazing job on my dog hair filled backseat and even joked around with me about it! This is why I keep coming back to Platinum Auto Spa! Even after I moved 30 mins away. The people that work there are great!!

Last Kingz01
May 19, 2018

J Rubin
May 18, 2018

Not only does platinum auto spa do a good job, Erica also runs a very honest business. I accidentally left my wallet there and returned the next day to get it, praying it was not taken. Immediately when I walked in through the door, Erica recognized me and handed me my wallet, keeping it safe. Saved my life.

Marie Burke
May 02, 2018

Erica was very welcoming when I arrived, and just as she had said on the phone when I talked with her a month before, she honored our expired Groupon and also removed part of a scratch off my car. I appreciated the complimentary coffee and a quiet-enough environment to get some work done while I waited. The only thing that would have made the experience better was a clean bathroom, but as long as my car was clean and shiny, I got what I came for. Great price. Great service. Thanks to the team!

Jay Forman
May 01, 2018

Good car wash. Fast service, nice job.

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